All those bee meetings….

I have taken photos at almost every meetings (I think I may have missed 1-2, without doing any photographing).

Two days ago I suddenly had the urge to find, edit and upload all these photos…some of them have been sitting there in my computer for a dozen years.

so, here I present to you, I. ANR Week Beekeeping Conferences at MSU, since 2000!  I missed 2003, 2005, 2009 and 2011 in the 12 years.  I have to check my CV but I think most of these I was actually here (except 2009 I was in Australia) but did not take photos.

  1. ANR week 2000
  2. ANR week 2001
  3. ANR week 2002
  4. ANR week 2004
  5. ANR week 2006
  6. ANR week 2007
  7. ANR week 2008
  8. ANR week 2010
  9. ANR week 2012

II. Heartland Apicultural Society Meetings. I missed only 2004, 2008 and 2010, mostly because I was booked for by EAS.

  1. HAS 2002
  2. HAS 2003
  3. HAS 2005
  4. HAS 2006
  5. HAS 2007
  6. HAS 2009
  7. HAS 2011
  8. HAS 2012

III. Eastern Apicultural Society Conferences. I attended only four.

  1. EAS 2000
  2. EAS 2001
  3. EAS 2008
  4. EAS 2010

IV.   Prof. Dyanne Tracy teaches a beekeeping class every year (except 2012 was canceled) and I was  invited each year to teach honey bee anatomy/morphology and varroa mite detection in colonies. It was always fun to be with such a small group (7-15 students).

  1. Beaver Island Beekeeping Class 2007
  2. Beaver Island Beekeeping Class 2008
  3. Beaver Island Beekeeping Class 2009
  4. Beaver Island Beekeeping Class 2010
  5. Beaver Island Beekeeping Class 2011

I am not sure if I have consistantly photographed SEMBA (Southeastern Michigan Beekeepers Association), usually one week before or after the ANR week.

There are other scientific meetings I go to, such as  ESA (Entomological Society of America), IUSSI (International Association for the Study of Social Insects), AAA (Asian Apicultural Association) and Apimondia meetings.  I will try to upload them as well when I have more time.



Author: Zachary Huang

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