Memory in wine

Memory in wine

By Zachary Huang

Self made wine
A few sips in the winter morning

I taste the spring wind
That carried the wild grape pollen
Or the bees, doing the same
While happily humming

I taste the summer sun
Quietly shining on grape leaves
Making sugars for the grapes
Via photosynthesis

I taste the cool August nights
That impart the dark purple color
In the grape skin
With many types of anthocyanins

Each glass of wine
Has encapsulated the yesteryear
The sunshine, the wind,
And our happiness and dismay


I make wine using wild grapes (free and more tannin to give a better body). I normally do not post my poems here unless they are related to bees. But this one does mention wind pollination and bees moving pollen :)

The photo here was actually a honey bee foraging on wild grape flowers! Sorry I only had my phone with me and no camera to get a better photo. Taken July 9, 2019.

Author: Zachary Huang

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