Zachary started writing poems to bees/flowers (occasionally about fish) a few years back. Most of these were written first in Chinese then translated (most remain untranslated still). Here are a few of them posted already (reversed chronological order):

Memory in wine, 2024-1-20

Memory in honey, 2024-1-08

Godmother the queen bee, 2023-10-22

Courage of a bee, 2023-10-21

Bee my Valentine, 2022-2-14

Happy New Year to bees, 2022-1-3

Merry Christmas my bees, 2021-12-25

A Bee Sings to Cherry, 2020-3-24

Bee-Love, 2019-8-20

Wild peas, 2018-6-28

The last hug, by a pretty bug, 2004-11-09

All web-published Chinese poems (on a web-based journal Boya) are linked here.