Videos on Youtube:
I. Presentations:
1. Beehaviors, Dec 10, 2021 [869 views on 3/23/2022]

2. Michigan Bee Plants, May 10, 2021 [650 views on 3/23/2022]

3. Preference of phoretic mites for young bees increase mite fitness, Aug 14, 2013 [684 views on 3/23/2022]

II. Short videos
1. bee whispering in a louder way

2. Beehavior: colony wide Nasonov pheromone release


I can speak on a variety of topics on honey bees: such as honey bee biology, honey bee behavior, photography of honey bees (beetography), honey bee pheromones, Nosema disease, Varroa mite biology, honey bee nutrition, honey bee pests and diseases, honey bee products, other species of Apis and drone and queen biology.

Research summary talks: Does Nosema apis produce JH to make bees forage earlier? Effect of transportation on honey bees, Effect of transgenic pollen on honey bees, Do varroa mites prefer nurses as phoretic hosts, if so, why?

Please check my calendar below for availability of speaking engagements.

Previous presentations to other states:

Penn State Beekeepers Association, Oct 2016, “Varroa mite reproduction and RNAi for its control”  College Park, PA

Wyoming Bee School, Mar 2016, “Honey bee nutrition part 1”, “Honey bee nutrition part 2” , “Varroa and Nosema, biology and control”

Florida Bee School 2016 Keynote, Flagler Beach, FL, “Toxicity of Pesticides to Honey Bees: Effect of Behavior, Temperature, and Transportation,” “Honey bee pheromones and relevance to beekeeping,” “Regulation of Varroa mite reproduction,”

North Carolina State Beekeepers Association Keynote, New Bern, NC, Feb 2016 “Regulation of Varroa mite reproduction,”  “Honey bee pheromones and relevance to beekeeping,” “Nectar plants with bee glamour shots,”

Columbus Beekeeping Association, May 2015, Columbus, OH  “Research update at MSU, Varroa mite reproduction and Nosema effects on bees,”

East Columbus Beekeeping Association, May 2015  “Honey bee chemical communication,”

Ohio State Beekeepers Association, Miami, OH, June 2014 “Honey bee dissection, hands on workshop (2 hrs)

Puget Sound Beekeepers Association, Seattle, WA, May 2014 “Mite reproductive biology,”
“Effect of Nosema on honey bees,” “Honey bee pheromones,” “Hands on with hive inspection,”
Varroa mite reproductive biology,”

Rhode Island Beekeepers Association Spring Conference, Mar 2013 (40)“Effect of Nosema on honey bees, Varroa mite reproductive biology and beetography,” “Effect of Nosema on honey bee behavior and physiology,”

Maryland State Beekeepers Association Fall Meeting, Keynote Speaker, Annapolis, MD, Nov, 2011  “The Effects of Nosema on Honey Bees,” “Varroa Mite Reproductive Biology,”

Southern Adironack Beekeepers Association, Albany, NY, March 29 2008 “Honey bee photography,” “Are genetically modified plants causing CCD?”