Month: December 2012

Chasing bees around the world, 2012 report

With 2012 almost behind, here are some photos about where I had gone during 2012.  All trips I do, I… read more Chasing bees around the world, 2012 report

ABRC Program

ABRC (American Bee Research Conference) will be jointly held with ABF (American Bee Federation)┬áin Hershey, PA, January 10-11, 2013. Registration… read more ABRC Program

Merry Christmas!

It is winter. no bees, no flowers…. Here are some old shots to brighten up your day! Taken on April… read more Merry Christmas!

ABRC moderators

ABRC calling for volunteers for chairs, judges and projectionists. Chairs are responsible to announce each speaker and make sure each… read more ABRC moderators