Merry Christmas!

It is winter. no bees, no flowers….

Here are some old shots to brighten up your day!

Taken on April 26, 2010 (yes it only took me 2.8 years to find them!). I drove to Novi to do this.

Nikon D700,  105mmVR Micro.  I do not remember if I used a tripod…I suspect that I did not use one.

Flowers: pink dogwood, Cornus florida, Cornaceae.

1. one single flower against the green grass. smooth bokeh.

2. One shy one, on an old trunk, hiding almost under the shadows.

3. Right red! Does it warm you up in the cold?

4. This one is prettiest, but I suspect that the white balance was a bit off (not sure why. since I shot raw.  but automatic balance can go wild in the shade).

5. They burned so hot, that you can see a bit of burned end on each “petal”.

6. Actually the real flowers are hiding in the these are not the petals. Sepal?

7. But we non-botanists keep admiring its beauty, and keep shooting them…

8. A different taste when shot against the blue sky.

9. A stronger backlight.

10. Overall not bad! but too bad no bees on this type of dogwood. I did see/(and shot) bees on a white dogwood (tiny flowers). There is also the yellow flowered cornus, which produces edible “cornelian cherries”.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Author: Zachary Huang

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