Memory in honey

Honey is a time capsule

by Zachary Huang

when flowers are blooming in the spring
bees gather their fragrances
in honey they make them hidden

every drop of honey
recorded the bees’ hard work
and their flights among the flowers
no chaos, no panic

in summer, when people are sweating
the bees continue to collect honey
with their happy humming

they harvest the sunlight
store it in the honey
so that in the winter cold
they let the warmth unfold

In fall, all other flowers are not
only remains the fall aster
and the beautiful golden rod

you have to mature quickly
recording the calls of wild geese flying south
and the color of red hot maple leaves

winter is a time for memories
you are the stove for the bees
and wine without green ants*

everyone huddles one another
dreaming about spring together
though it’s still half a year ahead

but spring always comes
the honey has already locked in
the fragrance of the last spring

because every drop of honey
each of you is a time capsule

you archived the beauty of flowers
you archived the busyness of summer and spring
you archived the lives past and a hope
for the next spring, again

Dec 30, 2023.
*wine with green ants was an ancient Chinese saying to indicate newly made wine (which has green foam floating on the surface).

Author: Zachary Huang

1 thought on “Memory in honey

  1. I love this perspective—and suspect it’ll make the next drop of honey taste even better, as I time travel to better enjoy last spring in today’s tea. Thanks for writing and sharing!

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