Month: February 2013

First glimpse of bees in 2013

Monday (Feb 25, 2013) the said it was 46.6 at around 4 pm. so I thought it would be… read more First glimpse of bees in 2013

Happy Lantern Festival

Today is the Lantern Festival in China, 元宵(yuanxiao). It marks the last day of the 16 days of Lunar New… read more Happy Lantern Festival

Valentines Day Flowers

Well, being in Michigan, we can flowers inside our houses, but no bees yet! Two more months to go… 1…. read more Valentines Day Flowers

All those bee meetings….

I have taken photos at almost every meetings (I think I may have missed 1-2, without doing any photographing). Two… read more All those bee meetings….