Beetography by Zachary Huang

As a two-time winner at an International Photo Contest, I am an avid beetographer (a photographer who is very dedicated to photographying bees, coined by himself, May 4th 2005).  I have thousands of photos of honey bees on flowers but only have uploaded about 200 species so far to Photos related to extension are hosted at


Nikon D700, Nikkor 60 mm micro, Nikkor 105 mm micro VR, Tamron 180 mm macro, Nikon SB R1C1 wireless flash.

Sony Alpha 7ii, 60mm macro, 90 mm macro, Meike MK-MT24 Macro Twin Lite Flash


  • MSU Global Focus International Photography Contest, First Place, Faculty/Staff, 2010
  • XI  International Apiculture Photography Contest, Second Prize, 2009
  • MSU Global Focus International Photography Contest, Third Place, Faculty/Staff, 2007
  • XI  International Apiculture Photography Contest, Second Prize, 2006

Cover photos (click to enlarge):

An incomplete list of published photos:

  • Cover photo for Caron and Connor’s book, “Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping“, 2013
  • Bee Photo, inside cover, Science, March 9, 2012
  • Bee photo (cover), American Bee Journal, Sept 2011
  • Bee photo, Arnoldia, the Magazine of the Arnold Arboretum, 68: 7, 2011
  • Cover photo for Norm Gary’s book, “Honey Bee Hobbyist: The Care and Keeping Of Honey Bees”, 2010
  • Bee photo (cover), American Bee Journal, July 2010
  • Bee photo, NIGMS,, 2010
  • Bee photo (cover), American Bee Journal, May 2008
  • Bee photo (covers), American Bee Journal, March, April, May 2007
  • Bee photo (cover), Abstracts of “Honey Bee Genomics and Biology”, May 2007
  • Bee photo (cover), MSU Entomology 100 Year Celebration Brochure, Apr 2007
  • Bee photo (cover), Midwest Beekeepers, Mar 2007
  • Bee Photo (cover), Chinese Bulletin of Entomology, Jan 2007
  • Bee photos (four, one), American Bee Journal, Oct, Nov 2006
  • Bee photo (covers), American Bee Journal, March, June, July, Aug 2006
  • Bee photo, Vlaams Nederlandse Imkersfederatie (Beekeeping for Belgium in Netherlands), 2005
  • Bee photo, NSF posterfor the BeeSpace Project (UIUC), (also in the hallway of NSF headquarters, I was told :), Dec 2005
  • Bee photo (cover), Bee World, Dec 2005
  • Bee photo (cover), American Bee Journal, Nov 2005
  • Bee photos (two), Journal of Chemical Education 82: 810, Jan 2005
  • Bee photo (cover), Bee Culture, Oct 2005
  • Mite photo (cover), German Bee Journal (Bienen), April 2005
  • Mite photo, World-Watch 18: 9, Sept/Oct 2005 (‘Vampire’ mite ravages US honeybee population)
  • Bee photo, Science(307:31), Jan 7, 2005
  • Bee photo (cover), PNAS, Nov 29, 2004
  • Bee photo, Science, (
  • Bee photo (cover), J. Experimental Biology 207 (19), Nov 2004
  • Bee photos (four), Feb 2004 issue of NIH publication No. 04-4932, Findings (web version:
  • Bee photo, Turkish Bee Journal, Oct 2004 (p 32) (regarding
  • Bee photos (two), Belgium Bee Journal, June, 2004 (pp 14-15)
  • Bee photo, Current Biology (14: R178), Mar 9, 2004
  • Bee photo, Nature Reviews Genetics (4: 932), Dec 01, 2003
  • Bee photo, Science(
  • Bee photo, Science main page, web version of Oct 10, 2003, uncredited
  • Bee photo, Science (296: 636), April 2002 (credited on 296: 2336)
  • Bee photo (cover), Genome Research 12: (4), Apr 2002
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  1. Hello Professor
    Your, Bee the best is really best. I really loved it.
    I am an international graduate student and would love to work with you.

  2. Top bar hives will be fun and a good way to start with beekeeping.

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