Month: March 2010

The cyber side of cyberbee

The current hardware for running, you will be surprised to find out: CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor (950.04-MHz 686-class CPU)… read more The cyber side of cyberbee

Bees worth a billion $ in Michigan

Importance of honey bees to Michigan agriculture Zachary Huang, MSU URL of this article: The Western honey bee Apis… read more Bees worth a billion $ in Michigan

First bees of 2010

It has been nice the last couple of days (if you are in Michigan, over 55F is nice and “warm!”)…. read more First bees of 2010

Stopping hackers using denyhosts

I was supposed to be preparing for my talk for tomorrow at the SEMBA meeting, but then I saw these… read more Stopping hackers using denyhosts

New paper

Role of detoxification in Varroa destructor (Acari: Parasitidae) tolerance of the miticide tau-fluvalinate Authors: Reed M. Johnson a;?? Zachary Y…. read more New paper