First bees of 2010

It has been nice the last couple of days (if you are in Michigan, over 55F is nice and “warm!”). So I wondered if bees are flying and took a walk in the campus today.

1. I noticed crocus were blooming yesterday….my back yard hives, I had to move out because they were foraging for water in my neighbor’s hot tub in Oct last year…so no bees on my crocus.

2. I saw 1-2 bees working for pollen on the Christmas rose here (Helleborus niger, Renunculaceae).

3. Winter Aconite always have bees on them.

4. A large patch inside the Beal Botanic Garden

5. Witchhazel also blooming — too nice to have bees? One spring it was much colder and I got pics of bees foraging on them. not even that many flies…

6. Quince is still at the budding stage

7. They call this silver maple, but they are rather red to me!

8. Warm enough for families to stroll around with kids.

9. Almost St Patrick’s day?

10. Tree buds, did not know there was a dipteran insect on it until I come back to see it on the big screen.

11. Last year’s crab-apple fruits.

Originally posted March 17, 2010.

Which is 13 years and 2 days ago! Fixed image links March 19, 2023.

Author: Zachary Huang

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