Valentines Day Flowers

Well, being in Michigan, we can flowers inside our houses, but no bees yet! Two more months to go…

1. I bought some calla-lily (family Araceae) last week for my wife’s birthday. it has two colors. the white ones here.

2。 Red is more vibrant.

3.  not easy to shoot both colors…white ones are overexposed here because I measured exposure on the red one (spot metering).

4。 more red.

5。 This was taken a few days back with dim light.  the rest (#1-4) was taken today.

6。 Clivia miniata (Amaryllidaceae). Bought 7 years ago for our 17th wedding anniversary. It has been blooming yearly (or twice a year recently) since them.  This one was shot 2-3 week ago when it just started.

7。 Shot today.

8。 a bit closer.

9。one is half open and one to go.

10。Poinsetta, shot before Christmas, you can see a drop of nectar on one flower. This flower seems to have specialized nectar-secreting organs (nectaries) separated from the other structures.

11。Flowers from a jade tree. This was shot around Christmas, all the flowers are now dried like the one in the center.

Happy Valentine Day everyone!

Author: Zachary Huang

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