Merry Christmas, my bees

There is something in common
Between me and you
You are eating your honey
I'm eating your honey too

Your honey is still in the hive
It will not ferment or go bad
But when your honey becomes mine
I add yeast and water
They become more wonderful
Still a hint of sweetness
But intoxicating honey wine

So on this very Christmas day
You are the same as usual
You eat honey
Contracting wing muscles to emit heat
Warmth that you will all share
Is it snowing outside?
You really will not care

I'm the same as in another day
I add your sweetness to my coffee
But I am always worried
Can you girls live to the next year

You always have hope
Because spring is ahead of you
With flowers of rosemary or sage
As to me
Ahead are loneliness and old age

Never mind,
I will toast to you 
With a glass of honey wine
Merry Christmas
Dear furry friends of mine

Spring will be back soon
In April, when the walleye return to Maumee River
There will be many flowers
There will be the lost times
And in my heart the wound
They all wait for your proboscis
That sweet thing, to pick and to mend

**Written on Christmas of 2021 

Author: Zachary Huang

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