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Dear all,

Good to see you all at the Hershey meeting. I hope you have recovered from your chocolate shock :)

I now have 16 abstracts, which can be downloaded here:

word format. or pdf format

The actual format for abstract is here. Notice that I had to spend two hours for the last 16 abstracts because many of you did not use the exact format (e.g. capitalize title, or use a, b, c as superscripts for different author affiliations, some used 1, 2, 3…others listed each….), this might create errors in the process. Note, you do not need any superscripts if all come from the same affiliation!

The current batch of 16 is being printed right now for Bee Culture March Issue. Send me more and they will publish in another batch.

I think ABJ will probably publish them together in one issue.

If you do not see your abstract here, please resend again. Sometimes emails do not reach me and get lost in cyberspace!

The closing time is Thursday midnight (12:00 Eastern Standard Time), Jan 17, 2013. I will submit all to ABJ Friday.

Please note that there is no extra charges for publishing the abstract provided 1)  if you paid registration at the AAPA meeting and 2). your talk/poster was not cancelled at the conference.

Please email to bees@msu.edu with subject as “ABRC abstract” and last name of the first author as the filename, in word format.

Zachary Huang

President, AAPA


update at 6:27 pm Jan 17, a total of 26 abstracts now.  My goal is 30 :)


Author: Zachary Huang

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