Bee Love


[By Zachary Huang]

When missing you
I taste a bit of honey
It is still sweet, as usual
The promise you made
For thousands of years

I can hear
Your humming
Your wings dancing
With flowers faintly scented

Closing my eyes
I can feel you from the sky ascent
Like an angel
From God

My head becomes light
I don’t know if I am smitten
Or just because
my blood sugar is high

It should be your beauty
And your hidden stinger
Give me that shiver

2019.8.20, 00:51

** Probably because I was shooting bees swarming over the beebee tree at MSU campus, that I could not sleep that night and came up with this one.

1. Beebee tree loaded with bees.

2. Closeup of a bee on male flowers

3. A bee working on female flowers. can you see the difference? The middle thing that sticks out is the stigma (the part which receives pollen).

Author: Zachary Huang

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