White flowers become black

那一天  that day
枪声响了 guns opened fire
18岁的笑容 the smile on your 18 year old face
被痛苦淹没 drowned by pain and despair

那一天 that day
坦克来临  tanks came
四十年的期盼 the hope of 40 years
终于被消停only became a shame

那一天 that day
你的鲜血 your blood
溅到我的眉眼 spilled into my eyes
凝固 it solidified
成 into
黑色的障 a dark cataract

从此 that day on
白色 white
变成了 becomes
黑色 black, forever

[In commemoration of June 4th, 1989, when students and others demonstrating for democracy were crashed by tanks and gunned down in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China].

The views expressed here are those of Zachary Huang, and not by MSU.

Author: Zachary Huang

1 thought on “White flowers become black

  1. I don’t think white would become black for ever, on the contrary, it will turn into bright in near future although at that time we may already died.

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