Busier than a bee!

My life last few weeks:

Sept 14-Oct 30: China, 6 presentations and 16 hops

Nov. 10-12: Alexandria. Maryland State Beekeeper Association, 2 presentations

Nov. 14-28: Haiti.  in field with beekeepers, training them how to do LD50 for fluvalinate (Apistan).

Dec 2-3 :Campus. Michigan Beekeepers Association Fall Meeting, Kellogg Center. 3 presentations.

Dec 7-8: Almond Board of California Research Conference. 1 poster presentation.


Author: Zachary Huang

1 thought on “Busier than a bee!

  1. Dear Mr Huang:
    I am very interest in the program which you are researching. My major is Plant protection, Now I have been Sent postgraduate school. My research Fields is the resources entomology,I will research insect tea, I want to know about the development of resources entomology overseas. So I want to consult with you!
    Thank you!
    Jianfeng Liu

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