Bee Anatomy Class Still Open

I will be teaching the honey bee anatomy as part of the MSU ANR Week Beekeeping program.

In the Saturday (March 7th, 2:15 to 4:45 pm) session, I will show a ppt, tell stories (of honey bees), show you how I dissect via a video camera, and then you do your own dissection with your own scope and 2 pairs of forceps (provided during the class). I have room for 27 students.

Please register at the website for the conference.

Varroa mite biology (Friday, 1-2 pm, 103 A&B)

Have you seen the male of Varroa destructor? Why do mites prefer drones as hosts? Why would mites stay on adult bees for a few days? In this lecture you will learn many secrets of the mites which allow you to manage them better.

Honey bee mating biology (Friday, 3:45-4:45, 103A&B)

How far to drones and queens fly to mate? At what time they will be ready to mate? Why would the queen mate with many different drones?  If you are planning to raise your own queens then this is a must attend to understand both the queens and drones better.

Bee plants (Saturday, 1-2 pm, 104A&B)

What plants are there to provide honey bees with nectar and pollen? When do they bloom? Here you will see all the beautiful photographs Zachary Huang (Award winning photographer) has taken on various flowers in Michigan.

Bee Anatomy (Saturday, 2:15-4:45, 352 Nat Sci)

What are these structures (antenna cleaner, wing-hooks, hypopharyngeal glands and tracheal tissues)? How do bees fly? Why honey is not bee vomit? If you are intrigued by these questions, then come to Zachary‚Äôs one and only hands-on dissection class! In this class Dr. Huang will present you with knowledge, then do a real time dissection, and finally let you (with two pairs of forceps) dissect your own bees during the two-hour session. Each person will have their own dissecting scope. Located at 352 Natural Science (too far to talk), and a separate registration fees are required.  Limited to 27 students.

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