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  1. Question: There is a large hive in my mother’s garden wall that has been there quite a while and she doesn’t touch as it helps her garden (and bees in general!)
    However recently there was a swarm that left and went to her roof. The hive in the wall looks quite active. I want to get a bee person to put a cone and box in the garden wall hive to reduce the numbers and relocate. The Bee Man I called said that the bees would become aggressive with a box and cone – as they would be frustrated being removed from the queen. And that they might attack postman , etc.
    Is this true? Is this a good way to manage this hive, and keep it from becoming too overwhelming?
    He suggests that the only thing we can do with the bees in the roof (short of taking off the roof) is spray . Any other thoughts?

  2. No. Leave them bee and they would be happy bees. As long as your mother is not allergic. Swarms are not aggressive and will be gone in 2-3 days.

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