Michigan Honey Plants

The following is a list of the major Michigan plants that provide nectar or pollen for honey bees.

Zachary Huang, Michigan State University

Common Name Latin Name Blooming time Photo Link
Alfalfa Medicago sativa July-August 1
Aster Aster spp Most after frost 1
Basswood Tilia spp May to July 1
Blueberry (lowbush, high bush) Vaccinium spp May highbush, lowbush
Bluevine Gonolobus laevis
Buckbrush Symporicarpos spp
Buckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum June-July 1
Clover, Alsike Trifolium hybridum 1
Clover, Crimson Trifolium incanatum 1
Clover, Red Trifolium pratense  summer 1
Clover, sweetclover Meliotus spp  June to Sept 1
Clover, white Trifolium repens  all summer 1
Corn Zea mays July 1
Cranberry Vaccinium macrocarpon 1
Cucurbits: Cantaloup Cucumis melo  summer 1
Cucurbits: Cucumber Cucumis spp 1
Cucurbits :Gourds Cucurbita spp 1
Cucurbits: Melon Citrullus spp 1
Cucurbits: Pumpkin Cucurbita spp 1
Cucurbits: Squash Cucurbita spp 1
Dandelion Taraxacum spp  March to May 1
Elm Ulmus spp 1
Fireweed Epilobium angustifolium 1
Fruit: Apple Malus spp  May, first week 1
Fruit: Apricot Prunus spp 1
Fruit: Cherry Prunus spp  Slightly before apple 1
Fruit: Peach Prunus spp  May 1
Fruit: Pear Pyrus spp  May, 2nd week 1
Fruit: Plum Prunus spp  May 1
Goldenrod Solidago spp  Sept, Oct 1
Grape Vitis spp  May 1
Locust: Black Robinia pseudo-acacia  June 1
Loose-strife, Purple Lythrum spp 1
Maple Acer spp  April, May 1
Milkweed Asclepias spp  Summer swamp
Mint, Mountain Pycnanthemum ? 1
Mint, Spear 1
Mustard Brassica spp 1
Oak Quercus spp 1
Ragweed Ambrosia spp  Sept, Oct 1
Rasberry Rubus spp  Summer 1
Sourwood Oxydendrum arboreum 1
Soybean Glycine max 1
Spanish-needles Bidens bipinnata 1
Sumac Rhus spp  June 1
Sunflower Helianthus spp  July 1
Thistle, Canadian Cirsium arvense
Thistle, Star Centaurea spp  late summer 1
Willow Salix spp  April/May 1
Yellow-rocket Barbara vulgaris 1


Disclaimer: This fact sheet is for information only. Mention of products does not indicate endorsement. Prepared by Zachary Huang, Department of Entomology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA. email: bees@msu.edu.

url: http://cyberbee.msu.edu/column/plants.shtml

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  1. Thomas Herrixk

    Are there any plans recommended for the city? I live in Royal Oak and don’t have alot of land, but would love to plant what I can to provide bees with nutients.

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