Potentilla flowers under ultraviolet

Camera: Panasonic DMC G5 converted to full spectrum (removal of hot mirror)
VIS:  S8612 (blocks infrared, passes visible light and UV)
UV: s8612 stacked with UG11 (blocks visible light and passes UV)
white balanced in camera by using a small block of “Virgin Teflon” — G5 has two custom white balance memory setting.

1. Potentilla fruticosa “Pink Beauty”, visible light.

2. Potentilla fruticosa “Pink Beauty”, ultraviolet light.

3.  Potentilla recta, visible light.

4. Potentilla recta, ultraviolet light.

5. Potentilla sp., taken at the Nature Center, Midland, Michigan.

6. The same on under UV. I had to use the flower on a bench. It was quite windy that day and UV photos usually takes 1-20 seconds depending on flower and time of the day.

Author: Zachary Huang

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