Shootout at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens

August 8, 2017, I was invited to give a talk on honey bee photography (which I call “beetography”) to the A2B2 (Ann Arbor Backyard Beekeepers Club) and I suggested that I do a field trip with beekeepers who are interested in shooting bees. I thought I could take 5 people and do hands on with them. Instead I got 15 people from the Shutterbug group.

This is the second time for me to give a talk there this year. And my third trip, I was there the first time about 10 years ago.

Here are some shots I did with my D700 and R1C1 flashes.
1. A bee foraging on Androsace, Primulaceae. This is a new record for me. Never seen honey bees foraging on this flower. I found two honey bees with lots of flowers. So I rate this flower as 1 in attraction scale from 0 to 10.

2. A bee foraging on Cuphea llavea, Lythraceae. Bumble bees were foraging on the flowers normally because their longer proboscis can reach the nectar, honey bees choose to “rob” at the base because they could not reach the nectar from the corolla.

3. A bee just landing on a cone flower to make honey, while two fireflies making love


4. A bee foraging on a Celosia.


5. A honey bee foraging a type of sumac. It was filled with honey bees but I do not know the species.


6. A swallowtail foraging on a verbena.


7. I was lucky enough to get really close to the sphinx moth (mostly like a Hemaris, Sphingidae). Usually they are very shy and I could be always 10 meters away. This time I was about 10″ away.


8. Another shot.


Just before my talk. There must be about 70 people? (More people came later).

20170808 185636

The following are photos of people shooting in the garden, shot by my cellphone.

20170808 175030

20170808 175032

20170808 175035

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  1. sorry it looks like photos at their end had broken links. I have fixed my own…website change so I should have downloaded Patrick’s and put them here…. Zach

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