Cherry blossoms and bees (2).

1. March 20th.  There is one cherry tree between Mason hall and Natural Science, almost ready to bloom.  Yesterday (March 240 I saw two others blooming next to Grand River. Probably all three were Japanese flowering cherry.

2. flower buds against the blue sky.

3. ready to bloom

4. one is starting to open.

5. One blooms here.

6. the next day, March 21st, the whole tree was in peak bloom!

7. so pretty!  I stayed there for 40 min waiting for bees…

8. I used backlight (shot against the sun light) for this one… making the flowers translucent.


10. against blue sky.

11. another one.

12. another.

13. three branches.

14. a bumble bee queen is foraging.

15. the same one.

16. finally a honey bee! I probably did not shoot this one intentionally…nice composition!

17. a crop of the previous one.

18. finally she lands on to the flower at the end.

19. This one is closer to me.

20. Loaded with pollen.

21.  pretty!  I probably stayed there for 30-40 min.

Author: Zachary Huang

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