Black locust, a major honey plant in Michigan

I noticed today that flowers of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia, Fabaceae) are nearly gone, so I thought I need to post some of their photos. You might have another 1-2 days to see bees on flowers if you know of a tree’s location. I have seen several along the Grand River in East Lansing near the campus.

Black locust is a major honey plant in Michigan and elsewhere. Honey from this tree is light and carries its floral fragrance. In China it is also considered a great nectar source and its honey fetch higher prices than other types of honey.

I took the first 3 photos on June 4th 2015, at that time the flowers are all still on, a bit weathered and honey bees were on them. I was told by someone that the nectar flow does not start until the flowers are old.

The closeup was taken May 31, 2006. This is one of the reasons I am forcing myself to post more often — I have too many photos buried on my computer hard disk. They are not doing anyone good and if someday something happens to me, you will never see them. Hence I am trying to process them one by one now. If possible, I post them while they are blooming.

1. This tree is on a shopping plaza in East Lansing. I need to check the name of the shop this tree is next to.

2. Beautiful flowers with a nice smell. I was drank under the tree trying to shoot bees on flowers.

3. The tree is tall and this is what I got with a 180 mm macro.

4. A closeup, old photo (May 31, 2006).

5. She looks like quite full?

6. One without using flash, much smaller depth of field, compared to the last few.

Author: Zachary Huang

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