Cyberbee Milestones

May 25, 2015

  • Created “MSU” albums organized by year inside “Beekeeping” album. Started populating 2014 and 2015 photos.
  • Added “HAS 2013“, “HAS 2014“, “ANR 2015“, “Bee Paloosa 2014” to the Meetings album.

Feb 5, 2015

  • I shut down all my servers and started using external (MSU and outside) web services for my sites, including,, and

June 2, 2000

  • CyberBee is featured in the “Hot Picks” list in the Netwatch. Once a week, the Netwatch publishes what it considers to be the best site on a particular subject.

Nov 2, 1998

  • was moved to MSU, it was hosted in my own lab, I maintain all hardware and system software, backup and security etc.

Sept 11, 1997

  • was registered while I was at UIUC.  It was hosted at an office in the UIUC incubator lab. whois data shows: “Creation Date: 1997-09-11T04:00:00Z”.  At that time Network Solutions charges $300 per year pear domain, if I remember correctly. Then it was reduced to $150 per year. Until later (around 2000?) when godaddy came along started charging $30 per year when domain registration was no longer monopolized by InterNic.

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