Upcoming Conferences and Presentations: 2019

1. March 8/9, MSU ANR week beekeeping program, program will soon be at

2. March 21-23, 2019 Honey Convention, Knoxville, TN.

3. July 9-11, Heartland Apicultural Society Annual Conference,



I can speak on a variety of topics on honey bees: such as honey bee biology, honey bee behavior, photography of honey bees (beetography), honey bee pheromones, Nosema disease, Varroa mite biology, honey bee nutrition, honey bee pests and diseases, honey bee products, other species of Apis and drone and queen biology.

Research summary talks: Does Nosema apis produce JH to make bees forage earlier? Effect of transportation on honey bees, Effect of transgenic pollen on honey bees, Do varroa mites prefer nurses as phoretic hosts, if so, why?

Please check my calendar below for availability of speaking engagements.


Updated May 18, 2013