Upcoming Conferences and Presentations: 2016

Nov. 12/13, Pennsylvania Beekeepers Association, Varroa mite biology
Nov. 14, Honey bee photography, COMB (Center of Michigan Beekeepers, MSU Pavilion).

I can speak on a variety of topics on honey bees: such as honey bee biology, honey bee behavior, photography of honey bees (beetography), honey bee pheromones, Nosema disease, Varroa mite biology, honey bee nutrition, honey bee pests and diseases, honey bee products, other species of Apis and drone and queen biology.

Research summary talks: Does Nosema apis produce JH to make bees forage earlier? Effect of transportation on honey bees, Effect of transgenic pollen on honey bees, Do varroa mites prefer nurses as phoretic hosts, if so, why?

Please check my calendar below for availability of speaking engagements.

Past Presentations

I have spoken almost every year since the inception of HAS (Heartland Apicultural Association) and about 4-5 times at EAS (Eastern Apicultural Association). Besides speaking at Michigan Beekeepers Association and Southeast Michigan Beekeepers Association, I have been to beekeeping associations at states such as Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, New York, North Carolina and Virginia. Total presentations so far: 341 (including presentations at scientific conferences and invited departmental seminars).

International Experience

I have been invited by the French Beekeepers Association and French Bee Breeding Association, Canberra Beekeepers Association and interacted with beekeepers in China, Thailand and the Philippines. I taught beekeeping classes to Nepalese beekeepers for 2 weeks during 2007.


Updated May 18, 2013