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  • Backing up strategy

    Posted on April 19th, 2013 Zachary Huang 1 comment

    I am tired to intervene with routine backups, so I wanted to automate everything. This  is accomplished by running cron jobs with a daemon called “crontab” .

    1. each day run the following three programs.

    1a: this backs all the web and user related data at /usr/home

    BDIR=week`date +%U`
    COMPUTER=I-rock                                 # name of this computer
    DIRECTORIES=”/home/”                        # directoris to backup
    BACKUPDIR=/backup/                          # where to store the backups
    TAR=/bin/tar                                # name and locaction of tar

    DOW=`date +%a`                          # Day of the week e.g. Mon

    # Weekly full backup when it is Sunday
    if [ $DOW = “Sun” ]; then
    mkdir $BDIR

    # other days, incremental only, only changes since Sun day of the week is backed up.

    1b: back up mysql database once a day and name it the day of week (*-Mon, *-Tue…etc).

    cd /backup/
    /usr/local/bin/mysqldump -u root -ppassword–all-databases >current.sql
    gzip current.sql
    mv current.sql.gz Mysql-`date +%a`.sql.gz

    1c:  use rsync once a day to update all the newly backed files to a backup server.

    2. weekly:

    2a: run this script once a week Sat night, to move a full web backup (Sun), plus the last incremental (Sat), and a mysql dump, plus the named files,  to a directory named for the number of week for that year.

    cd /backup/
    mkdir week`date +%U` (create a directory called week-23, for 2nd week in June)
    mv Mysql-Sat.sql.gz week`date +%U` (move Saturday’s database backup to week24, if it is the 24th week)
    mv Named-master-Sat.tar week`date +%U` (move Named db files also)
    mv I-rock-Sun.tar  week`date +%U` (move Sunday’s full backup, 6 days ago)
    mv I-rock-Sat.tar week`date +%U` (move Saturday, the most recent incremental)

    2b: on backup server, restore the databases once a week. Delay it for 5 days on purpose, in case something goes wrong with the database dump. Restore on Saturday, the Monday’s mysql backup.

    cd /backup/
    rm current.sql                                                                                    #remove last week’s sql file
    mv Mysql-Mon.sql.gz current.sql.gz                                              #take monday and rename it
    gunzip current.sql.gz                                                                       #unzip it
    /usr/local/bin/mysql -h localhost -u root -ppassword <current.sql     #load it to mysql

    So in the end, I have a snapshot of each week’s web, named db files, and mysql database saved. It is possible that I will run out of HD space after 30 weeks. so I will need to come up with a script to delete files that are more than 25 weeks old.

    I may have to periodically move files to a third server.. just in case a fire in the building destroys both the main and backup servers (I know, this wont happen!).




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