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Bees are beautiful

Almost no other insects compare to its beauty. At least in Zach's eyes. You know why? Because he is a beeholder :)

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Bees are important

Bees pollinate almost $1 billion worth of crops per year in Michigan alone.

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Bees are sweet


Bees produce honey, which is the earliest sweet humans used. Yet it actually protects your teeth!

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Bees are social

Honey bees have a society almost as complex as our own! They cooperate, have a voting process (for swarming), everyone is born equal (in terms of becoming a queen or worker), and send their soldiers to war...

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Bees are versatile


Besides producing honey, it also produces beeswax, royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen...both royal jelly and propolis have antioxident, antitumor and antivirus properties.

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  • Flowering time

    Posted on April 21st, 2015 Zachary Huang No comments

    April 21.  Cherries, both Japanese cherries, Nanking cherries (Prunus tomentosa) and perhaps also the edible cherries, I assume, are starting to bloom. Red maple is basically done (started about 7 days ago). Forsythia has been blooming for about 4 days.  Lenten rose (Hellebore) also bloomed for a while, I had seen bees on this flower in NC but not here. Red maples are basically done blooming, Norway maple is starting to bloom. I have seen solitary bees foraging on this tree.  Boxelder also blooming, I have seen bees in China foraging on this (and has some far away photos).

    April 17. Red maple is blooming, I saw some bees (a few looked like honey bees!).   Crocuses are basically done. Pussy willows are in peak bloom, lots of honeybees and native bees.

    April 6, Beal botanical gardens: I saw and photographed honey bees, parasitic wasps, and some solitary bees on: winter aconite, chionodoxa, anemone flowers, and Christmas rose.  Honey bees were also foraging on witchhazel (behind North Kezie), with yellow flowers and strong (but pleasant) odor. Only a few Schilla and did not see bees. Puchkinia not out yet, crocus (only one) was withering. Skunk cabbage was also blooming (only 2 flowers, so no bees).

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