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Passion for Bees, Compassion for Beekeepers
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Bees are beautiful

Almost no other insects compare to its beauty. At least in Zach's eyes. You know why? Because he is a beeholder :)

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Bees are important

Bees pollinate almost $1 billion worth of crops per year in Michigan alone.

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Bees are sweet


Bees produce honey, which is the earliest sweet humans used. Yet it actually protects your teeth!

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Bees are social

Honey bees have a society almost as complex as our own! They cooperate, have a voting process (for swarming), everyone is born equal (in terms of becoming a queen or worker), and send their soldiers to war...

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Bees are versatile


Besides producing honey, it also produces beeswax, royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen...both royal jelly and propolis have antioxident, antitumor and antivirus properties.

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  • Singing to the bees

    Posted on March 12th, 2015 Zachary Huang 2 comments

    Beelieve it or not, I found this when I was bored one day. That was when I was a student, trying to get my Ph.D. and was observing bees 8 hours a day. I started yelling at bees one day and they all stopped!

    I have since only shown this only to a few people.  I wanted to do a video recording but never got around to do it until  last year’s HAS meeting. I was doing a bee behavior class anyway (I called it Beehavior), so i brought a tripod and fixed a cellphone (I believe someone graciously loaned her iPhone to me) next to the frame and started singing to the bees.

    I did this because I did not want people to think that I stopped a video frame, then replicated that frame for 2 minutes, so the digital clock proves that to be unlikely (not impossible, if someone really wanted to fake a video). But I was doing this recording in front of about 20 people. As you can hear, students also practiced once, thought the effect was not quite as good :)


    I am planning to have an extensive video collection of various honey bee behaviors. So stay tuned.