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Potentilla flowers under ultraviolet

TweetCamera: Panasonic DMC G5 converted to full spectrum (removal of hot mirror) filters: VIS:  S8612 (blocks infrared, passes visible light… read more Potentilla flowers under ultraviolet

How do bees see flowers?

TweetSorry it is in Chinese here. will translate to English in a few days (after grants are done!) In the… read more How do bees see flowers?

2013 in Photos

Tweet1. Jan 11, The Chocolate Factory, Hershey, PA. The ABRC (American Bee Research Conference) was hold there, I organized the… read more 2013 in Photos

Bees foraging on lotus

TweetLotus (Nelumbo), which many people confuses with water lily, is actually now in a different family (Nelumbonaceae). Water lily belongs… read more Bees foraging on lotus

Two covers in March

TweetFor the first time in my life, I have two photos published simultaneously by the two major beekeeping magazines in… read more Two covers in March

Valentines Day Flowers

TweetWell, being in Michigan, we can flowers inside our houses, but no bees yet! Two more months to go… 1…. read more Valentines Day Flowers

Merry Christmas!

TweetIt is winter. no bees, no flowers…. Here are some old shots to brighten up your day! Taken on April… read more Merry Christmas!

Jade tree flowers: with nectar but no bees.

TweetIt is now cold in Michigan, with about 3-6 degrees C during the day.  I am missing the flowers in… read more Jade tree flowers: with nectar but no bees.