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Spring flower 23: Lilac

Tweet Family Oleaceae Genus Syringa Species S. vulgaris ZBAS 0.5 [USA]5 [China] Lilac is still blooming, although it is almost… read more Spring flower 23: Lilac

Spring flower 22: Redbud

Tweet Family Fabaceae Genus Cercis Species C. chinensis ZBAS 8 [C. chinensis.] 1 [C. canadensis] Eastern redbud trees are blooming,… read more Spring flower 22: Redbud

Spring flower 20: Honeysuckle

Tweet Family Caprifoliaceae Genus Lonicera Species L. fragrantissima ZBAS 8 Yesterday I was driving into the Giltner Parking Lot and… read more Spring flower 20: Honeysuckle

Spring flower 2: Crocus

Tweet Family Iridaceae Genus Crocus Species C. chrysanthus, C. vernus Common names crocus ZBAS*: 9 Crocus flowers is common in… read more Spring flower 2: Crocus

Two covers in March

TweetFor the first time in my life, I have two photos published simultaneously by the two major beekeeping magazines in… read more Two covers in March

The Harvard bee, Davidia and spicy honey

TweetThe “Harvard bee” refers to a bee photo I published on Arnoldia, which is a journal from the Arnold Arboretum,… read more The Harvard bee, Davidia and spicy honey

Honey bee nutrition

TweetThis is recently jointly published in American Bee Journal and Bee Culture, but also available on the eXtension website under… read more Honey bee nutrition

Catching a swarm

TweetI got my first swarm call yesterday. Since I paid $70 each for a 3 lb package, I decided to… read more Catching a swarm