Spring flower 22: Redbud

Tweet Family Fabaceae Genus Cercis Species C. chinensis ZBAS 8 [C. chinensis.] 1 [C. canadensis] Eastern redbud trees are blooming,… read more Spring flower 22: Redbud

Spring flower 21: Tulip

Tweet Family Liliaceae Genus Tulipa Species T. gesneriana ZBAS 7 (for this variety only), 0.1 for others Will honey bees… read more Spring flower 21: Tulip

Spring flower 20: Honeysuckle

Tweet Family Caprifoliaceae Genus Lonicera Species L. fragrantissima ZBAS 8 Yesterday I was driving into the Giltner Parking Lot and… read more Spring flower 20: Honeysuckle

Spring flower 19: Peach

Tweet Family Rosaceae Genus Prunus Subgenus Amygdalus Species P. persica ZBAS 7 Peach actually is is the same subgenus as almonds,… read more Spring flower 19: Peach

Spring is almost here!

TweetAt this special moment (that the virus is prevailing over the flowers), I try to amuse myself (and hopefully you!)… read more Spring is almost here!

Bee Anatomy Class Still Open

TweetI will be teaching the honey bee anatomy as part of the MSU ANR Week Beekeeping program. In the Saturday… read more Bee Anatomy Class Still Open

Winter flower 4: Eurya

Tweet Family  Pentaphylacaceae, (formerly Theaceae) Genus Eurya ZBAS 9 (Apis cerana) The Chinese name of this flower,  wild osmanthus, is… read more Winter flower 4: Eurya

Bee Love

TweetBee-love [By Zachary Huang] When missing you I taste a bit of honey It is still sweet, as usual The… read more Bee Love