Varroa Mite Reproductive Biology

Jointly published in the American Bee Journal and in Bee Culture, October 2012. Also at Zachary Huang, Michigan… read more Varroa Mite Reproductive Biology

Honey bee anatomy

1. Head Head of the honey bee The head is the center of information gathering. It is here that the… read more Honey bee anatomy

Extension Impact

Teaching honey bees to beekeepers and general public Jan 15, 2021 Zachary Huang, Michigan State University Preamble Honey bees (Apis… read more Extension Impact

Presentations by Huang

Presentations by Zachary Huang Department of Entomology Michigan State University, 288 Farm Lane Rm 243, East Lansing, MI 48824 Phone:… read more Presentations by Huang

Bee a genius

I was interviewed by “Finding Genius” the other day and it went live today: Done outside using my cell phone… read more Bee a genius

Fall flower 2: Goldenrod

Family: Asteraceae Genus: Solidago Species: S. canadensis Common names: goldenrod ZBAS 8 Well, it is definitely fall. You got that… read more Fall flower 2: Goldenrod

Fall flower 1: Chinese sumac

Family: Anacardiaceae Genus: Rhus Species: R. chinensis Common names: Chinese sumac ZBAS 9 This year (2020), I checked the trees… read more Fall flower 1: Chinese sumac

Summer flower 12: Alfalfa

Family: Fabaceae Genus: Medicago Species: M. sativa Common names: lucerne ZBAS 2 Alfalfa probably has enough nectar, only if honey… read more Summer flower 12: Alfalfa