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Catching a swarm

TweetI got my first swarm call yesterday. Since I paid $70 each for a 3 lb package, I decided to… read more Catching a swarm

Many maples and one bee

TweetMost photos taken Saturday, 4/3/2010, Okemos, Michigan. Others taken earlier are noted. Saturday afternoon, my wife took me to Walmart…. read more Many maples and one bee

First bees of 2010

TweetIt has been nice the last couple of days (if you are in Michigan, over 55F is nice and “warm!”)…. read more First bees of 2010



beetography how to

Tweet An Introduction to Digital Beetography Zachary Huang Michigan State University 1. Equipment: know your camera Before buying a camera,… read more beetography how to

Cyberbee Milestones

TweetMay 25, 2015 Created “MSU” albums organized by year inside “Beekeeping” album. Started populating 2014 and 2015 photos. Added “HAS… read more Cyberbee Milestones