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Spring flower 27: Desert false indigo

Family: Fabaceae Subfamily: Faboideae Genus: Amorpha Species: A. fruticosa Common names desert false indigofalse indigo-bushbastard indigobush ZBAS* 8 This flower was… read more Spring flower 27: Desert false indigo

Spring flower 26: Smoke bush

Family Anacardiaceae Genus Cotinus Species C. coggygria Common name smoke tree, smoke bush, 黄栌 ZBAS 8 It is called “smoky… read more Spring flower 26: Smoke bush

Spring flower 25: Autumn olive

The autumn olives (wolf berry, Russian olive) are in peak bloom now but yesterday (May 22, 2015), being so cool… read more Spring flower 25: Autumn olive

Spring flower 23: Lilac

Family Oleaceae Genus Syringa Species S. vulgaris ZBAS 0.5 [USA]5 [China] Lilac is still blooming, although it is almost done… read more Spring flower 23: Lilac

Spring flower 22: Redbud

Family Fabaceae Genus Cercis Species C. chinensis ZBAS 8 [C. chinensis.] 1 [C. canadensis] Eastern redbud trees are blooming, one… read more Spring flower 22: Redbud

Spring flower 21: Tulip

Family Liliaceae Genus Tulipa Species T. gesneriana ZBAS 7 (for this variety only), 0.1 for others Will honey bees forage… read more Spring flower 21: Tulip

Spring flower 20: Honeysuckle

Family Caprifoliaceae Genus Lonicera Species L. fragrantissima ZBAS 8 Yesterday I was driving into the Giltner Parking Lot and saw… read more Spring flower 20: Honeysuckle

Winter flower 4: Eurya

Family  Pentaphylacaceae, (formerly Theaceae) Genus Eurya ZBAS 9 (Apis cerana) The Chinese name of this flower,  wild osmanthus, is confusing…. read more Winter flower 4: Eurya