Tag: Apis mellifera

Spring flower 21: Tulip

Tweet Family Liliaceae Genus Tulipa Species T. gesneriana ZBAS 7 (for this variety only), 0.1 for others Will honey bees… read more Spring flower 21: Tulip

Spring flower 19: Peach

Tweet Family Rosaceae Genus Prunus Subgenus Amygdalus Species P.¬†persica ZBAS 7 Peach actually is is the same subgenus as almonds,… read more Spring flower 19: Peach

Spring flower 11: Magnolia

Tweet Family Magnoliaceae Genus Magnolia Common names magnolia ZBAS 3 March 21, 2012, After I finished shooting the cherry blossoms,… read more Spring flower 11: Magnolia

Spring flower 6: Skunk cabbage

Tweet Family Araceae Genus Symplocarpus Species S. foetidus ZBAS* 9 Alternative title: Eastern skunk cabbage, a peculiar plant that provides… read more Spring flower 6: Skunk cabbage

Spring flower 2: Crocus

Tweet Family Iridaceae Genus Crocus Species C. chrysanthus, C. vernus Common names crocus ZBAS*: 9 Crocus flowers is common in… read more Spring flower 2: Crocus

Spring flower 1: Winter Aconite

TweetZachary Huang, Michigan State University Citation: Huang, Z.Y. 2019. Michigan spring flowers: 1. winter aconite. BeetheBest Blog, http://bees.msu.edu/2014/winter-aconite/. Accessed on… read more Spring flower 1: Winter Aconite

Catalpa is blooming

Tweet Family: Bignoniaceae Genus: Catalpa Species: C. speciosa Other names: catawba ZBAS 7 I noticed that the catalpa trees have… read more Catalpa is blooming

Feeding Honey Bees

Tweet Download the Feeding Honey Bees PDF Zachary Huang Department of Entomology Michigan State University ¬†A water feeder with twigs… read more Feeding Honey Bees