Monthly Archives: September 2012

G80 on Eupatorium

After the lucky draw 2 days ago, today I saw yet a different tagged bee foraging. This time on Eupatorium sp, also in my front yard… Maybe I should look for one tomorrow on the hibiscus?

I also saw a red bee foraging on the same flower. The red bee should be infected with Nosema ceranae, Alex says. The green tagged bees were control, as I suspected. They must be around 30 days old now.

1. Green 80 with pollen on Eupatorium sp (Asteraceae).

2. She flies fast and I would lose track of her. Then she would appear again, on and off I shot her in 3-4 episodes.

3. Real close up.

4. She looks like has a large abdomen already, perhaps from the nectar.

5. Ready to take off.

6. In flight.

7. Nice “windmill” effect. This is purely luck…

8. Another, untagged bee in flight.

9. windmill again, but not as obvious.

10. Another good one!

11. A beautiful skipper.

12. A tiny bee, perhaps a sweat bee (Halictidae).