International Experience


July 2013: Keynote speaker, honey bee biology conference, Xiangjiang, China


  1. Australia 2007: Attending Apimondia Conference, visiting Dr. Denis Anderson at CSIRO. 2009: Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University. Working with Dr.  Shaowu Zhang on honey bee navigation and cognition. Seminar at CSIRO, Sydney and Macquarie Universities, and Canberra Beekeeping Associations.
  2. Bangladesh 2012: Two week volunteering teaching bee biology and beekeeping techniques in Manikgonj. Funded by WinRock International.
  3. Canada 19831988: Ph.D. Study. 1999-2009: regular visits for conferences and research collaborations.
  4. China 1993: Teaching and research for 3 months at China Agricultural University. 1999-2007: visiting once per year for research and seminars. Collaborations with the following universities/institutes: Beijing Apicultural Research Institute, China Agricultural University, Yunnan Agricultural University, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Jilin Apicultural Research Institute, Zhejiang University. 2008: Attending and chairing a session at the Asian Apicultural Association Conference in Hangzhou, visiting 4 universities/institutes to establish collaborations. 2009: Visiting Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden for research collaborations on pollination ecology of Primula spp. 2010: Plenary speaker on the National Honey Bee Protection meeting in Dandong, China. Preparations of manuscripts in Jiangxi and visited Shan’xi Bee Research Lab in Taiyuan, Shan’xi. 2011: Visiting Fujian, Hunan, and Jiangxi Agricultural Universities. 2012: Research in Taiyuan, Shan’xi. 2013: Research at Fujian Agric and Forestry University.  Keynote speaker at Apis cerana conference in Xinjiang.
  5. France 1994: Attending IUSSI conference, 2002, invited by French Beekeepers Association to present four talks, visiting beekeepers and INRA researchers, 2008, teaching laboratory techniques at University of Tours.
  6. Germany 1986: Attending IUSSI conference. 2004, Invited to present and attend the retirement workshop for Dr. Bert Holldobler.
  7. Haiti 2011: Teaching beekeepers and college students how to measure LD50 of  fluvalinate to Varroa mites, and biology of Varroa and small hive beetles. Funded by WinRock International.
  8. Japan 2005: A few bee shots on cherry flowers….unexpected one night + half day delay due to flight problems in Tokyo (that is why I love traveling!).
  9. Malaysia 2012: Chairing & presenting at 11th Asian Apicultural Association Conference in Terengganu. Photographing honey bees in a botanic garden in Kuala Lumpur.
  10. Nepal 2007: Two week volunteering to teach honey bee biology, beekeeping, honey processing and marketing; visiting apiaries to diagnose diseases and pests. Funded by WinRock International.
  11. New Zealand 2009: Attending a beekeeper meeting at Christchurch, visiting Dr. Alison Mercer, University of Otago.
  12. Philippines 2004: Presenting at Asian Apicultural Association Conference, harvesting A. dorsata and A. cerana to search for Varroa and Tropilaeleps mites.
  13. South Africa 2001: Presenting at Apimondia Conference, visiting an apiary.
  14. South Korea 2012:  took photos of honey bees at Seoul Plaza (I was having a 11 hour layover!), added about 3 species of plants with bees to my list.
  15. Spain 2009: Presenting at Nosema workshop, visiting apiary and lab of M. Higes.
  16. Taiwan 2006: Visiting and presenting seminars in Academia Sinica, National Taiwan, Chung Hsing & Tonghai Universities, 2012: Keynote speaker at International Symposium on Bee Health and Protection at Ilan University, seminar at Academia Sinica, National Chung Hsing, Taiwan Universities.
  17. Thailand 2000: Presenting at Asian Apicultural Association Conference, searching for A. dorsata. 2007: Visiting Burapha University, collecting A. cerana.
  18. Turkey 2010: Invited as plenary speaker to present research on “Varroa biology” in the EuroBee 2010 meeting. Also visited beekeepers close to Ankara.
  19. Ukraine 2013: Speaking at the Apimondia conference.
  20. United Kingdom 2008: Provide consultation on varroa biology.

updated Nov 2013.